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Mission Central is incredibly grateful for our partners. By partnering with over 140 organizations locally, nationally and internationally, we are able to serve our mission of “connecting God’s resources with human need.”

  • The Central Pennsylvania Animal Alliance (CPAA) is extremely appreciative of the pet food donations provided monthly by Mission Central. These donations benefit dogs and cats in our local community, and beyond. -HOPE Dogs
  • Thank you for the Mission Central Care Kits. We love sharing them with our most needy students. -Cumberland Valley School District
  • Everything you do is very appreciated and has touched the lives of the children we care for. Bless you all. – Noah’s Arc Christian Child Care
  • Thank you so much for the continued support. These items are great to assist us in motivating students. -Communities in Schools
  • You have no idea how much this donation means to us. I overheard a kid telling Mrs. McCardle that he has never had a hard covered book before in his life. There were actual cheers from students and I had a few parents call to say thank you. So thank you, thank you for thinking of us and making this happen. -Crossroads Middle School
  • Mission Central has been providing greatly needed items as York City prepares for winter. Cots have been donated that will be used by the Code Blue Team for emergency winter shelter. In addition, socks, toe warmers, scarves, and other items have been collected and even more items are being gathered by Mission Central. These are just a few examples of the impact that Mission Central has made and continues to make in York City and York County. Thank you for your support. -Friends and Neighbors PA
  • Thank you for sharing the N95 masks with us. This gifts helps us provide ongoing care to uninsured adults. – Beacon Clinic
  • Thank you again for the wonderful supplies. The tissues, masks and children’s coats will all be used within the Nursing department for children in need from the West Shore School District. -West Shore School District
  • Children in South Central PA are clean, dry, and healthy because of the diapers that they receive. Parents and Caregivers are also less stressed and have can have better self-esteem as a result of having access to a reliable supply of diapers for their child(ren). – Healthy Steps Diaper Bank
  • Thank you for the books, hats, body wash, mask, and diapers and goggles. One family said it was so nice that someone thought of them without having to ask for a hand out. – PA Elks
  • Families were appreciative of the items that were received. Especially the cups and mugs. The diapers were appreciated by mothers who just gave birth as well as the coupons that come with them. It is amazing the joy in a child’s eyes when they receive a new book. – Family Promise
  • Many here live well below the poverty level. The clothing bank provided thru Hopeful Things assure seasonal wear is available to all in need. – Hope UMC
  • Our family resource center is located in a school in which 98% of students are eligible for free and reduced lunch. Our families have communicated that these events provide items (hand wash, books, and sanitizer) that are sometimes difficult to pay for. – Community Progress Council
  • Thank you for the hot and cold packs, the sanitizer and the masks. They provide better hygiene and protection from the COVID-19 pandemic. – Valley Shade UMC
  • We seek to reach the youth and families of our community in fun and entertaining events. By giving away the toys and fun items we received from Mission Central, our number soared with many of our low income families who were looking for something they could bring their kids to that wouldn’t cost them anything. We feel this may be the only connection to God and the church that many of these kids and youth ever receive. So, while they come for the toys and food, we do our best to share Jesus with them long with the other goodies. They might not realize it now, but Jesus is the most valuable thing that they receive at our events…our prayer is that one day they will know that! Thanks Mission Central for helping us to change young lives! – Geyer’s UMC
  • Thank you for the mattresses, hand sanitizer, wheelchairs and masks. Children and adults will be on clean mattresses. Sanitizer and masks will help to keep contagious diseases at bay. – American Foundation of Children with AIDS
  • Thank you for the bleach, sanitizer and cups with lids. We used them to care for homeless pets at shelters and help place them in forever homes. – Heavenly Paws