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In 2023, Mission Central's warehouse served over 6.3 million people with $17.4 million in resources

  • Through our medical ministry, $1.3 million in medical supplies and equipment was resourced to 317,000 people.
  • 49 international shipments assisted those abroad.
  • 21,000 people received over $476,000 in UMCOR Kits.
  • $188,303 in resources were distributed through our Animal Program.
  • 24,477 students and families received $153,210 in resources through our School Program.
  • $335,000 in resources went to disaster relief efforts.
  • 88,000 people received $285,000 in cleaning and hygiene supplies.
  • 30,000 people received $447,344 in Mission Central Kits.

Mission Central is 100% funded by donors

Mission Central also provides low cost, no cost warehouse space to like-minded nonprofits. Through this initiative,

  • Over $6 million in food was resourced out of our warehouse in 2022 alone. (through Bethesda Mission)
  • Last year, 300 families are served with furniture and housewares was given to those in need (through New Digs Ministry)
  • Over 3 million diapers were given to families in need (through Healthy Steps Diaper Bank)
  • Over 28,000 computers/laptops were donated to people (through Computer Ministry)

Every $1 donated to Mission Central becomes $19 in resources

Every $1 donated serves six people

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