September 23, 2015: Reflections on the Early Days of Mission Central

Light thru Clouds


“Be still and know that I am God.”

(Psalm 46:10 NIV)

During the early years of Mission Central, the end of the day was a very special time for me.  I had been given the gift of the opportunity to lead the first years of this dynamic ministry and when we closed the doors each day, I had the chance to walk around the office and warehouse space while locking up.

During these quiet tours of the space, I experienced the incredible reality of the presence of God!  Each pallet of materials, each project completed that day by volunteers, each packaged and ready item that would soon be on its way to someone in need, each ministry partner space that was being used, each volunteer’s voice that had filled the space that day – all reflected the hand of God at work.  The hands and feet that had been there during the day had left a presence in the space and God seemed to be pleased!

When I was closing up, I would suddenly notice things that were needed, or see tasks that were urgent, or see things for which I had no immediate answers as to how we might be able to respond, a peace was provided that reassured me that tomorrow would be like today – God would provide!

Over the 6 years I served, this closing time was special, something that I would not have traded for any worship space in the world!  It was a time to rejoice, to be still and to know that God was in this very special place!


PRAYER: God of the still small voice, Your presence with Mission Central and Your provision of and for the ministries we have taken on in Your name have been the foundation of our work. This is truly a special place, made so by You. Thank You for Your steadfast presence and for reminding us daily that there is a time to be still and to know, without a doubt, that you are God! May Your will be done always in this place. AMEN.

(Harry Overholtzer, First Executive Director 2002-2008)

September 23, 2015: Reflections on the Early Days of Mission Central (downloadable pdf)

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