September 16, 2015: The Simplest Gift Can Mean The Most

Work GlovesThen I saw “a new heaven and a new earth.”

(Revelation 21:1 NIV)

Throughout my ministry I’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful people.  I have also witnessed the suffering of God’s children.  I am amazed at the distinct differences among people.

There are the “haves”–who have shelter, food, clothing and much more.   There are the “have nots”–who are without shelter, adequate food or clothing.  Honestly, many times the suffering seem more in touch with God, expressing gratitude for every “little” thing they have.  When asked how they are surviving, the reply is almost universal, “By the Grace of God, we are ok.”  What may seem small and simple to us is a much greater symbol for those who receive.

We usually take work gloves on our missions.  Because of difficult and often dirty work, we especially enjoy giving these to our drivers.  While in Sierra Leone, we gave each driver work gloves.  It was if we had given them a pair of fine leather gloves to race in some prestigious race.  The drivers wore them in the heat and carried them with them wherever we went.  Our drivers were proud and thankful for this small gift that was sent from Mission Central.

Can you imagine, a day when the downtrodden will feel lifted up?  I can, every time I see another volunteer enter Mission Central, each time I hear the work of some HUB, every time a shipment is sent, God smiles.

Praise God for miracles that happen every day!


PRAYER: Dear Lord, help us remember that often the little things we do are “Big” things in the eyes of those who receive. You have equipped and blessed us. Help us do something. Help us give freely. AMEN.

(Rev. Jeff Fisher—UM pastor, Volunteers In Mission (VIM), original task force and Original Board)

September 16, 2015: The Simplest Gift Can Mean The Most (downloadable pdf)

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