October 7, 2015: The Most Surprising Things Are Still Needed

Baby Scale old“Then the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah: 27 “I am the Lord, the God of all … Is anything too hard for me?”       (Jeremiah 32:27 NIV)


A baby scale–such a simple item.  It was the old fashioned kind – a drab concave holder on a spring connected to a scale with a needle that spun to the correct number of pounds and ounces–nothing fancy.  We found it in our house in June 2000 when we moved in.  The previous owner was a doctor.

We had no baby.  Our boys were in high school.  But we kept the baby scale, thinking it was an interesting antique that brought back memories of our own childhoods.

Then, one day, years later, while cleaning the basement, we finally decided it was of no use to us.  I put it in my car.  It rode around with me for a month or so, waiting for the time I needed to be at Mission Central for a meeting.

Finally I delivered the baby scale.  Our executive director looked at it and laughed.  God did it again.  Just that morning, he’d been asked if Mission Central had a baby scale and he had said no.  It didn’t matter than it was old and not pretty – it was needed!  God provides.


PRAYER: O God, thank you that you know our every need, and that through your unconditional Love make provisions for our needs to be met. Thank you for allowing us to be your hands of feet of Love. Amen.

(Lisa Bender, Mission Central Secretary since 2001)

October 7, 2015: The Most Surprising Things Are Still Needed (downloadable pdf)

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