October 28, 2015: Mission Central Helps An Injured Man

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“19 And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

(Philippians 4:19 NIV)



It was a nice Saturday in May and I was working at a food stand for St. Luke’s United Methodist Church during a member’s public sale.  As I was taking paper supplies to the sale site and carrying a large garbage can, I tripped over a metal beam and landed on my right shoulder.  I was by myself and no one saw me. Although I was in pain I struggled to get up and continue working.

As time passed, the pain became more severe.  Later that evening it hurt so badly, I consented to go to the hospital.  The X-ray didn’t show any broken bones.  The doctor gave me strong pain medicine and recommended that I go to my family doctor and have a scan to see if there was other damage.

The medicine made me sleepy so I went to bed.  I was experiencing extreme pain and my sleep was very limited.  Monday, the family doctor sent me for a scan, which showed severe damage to the rotator cuff. The doctor told me I would be more comfortable in a reclining chair than lying down on the bed.  Although we have two recliners, I was unable to use them because the control levers were on the right side of the chair—the same side as my injured shoulder.

My wife called to see if Mission Central might have one with a lever on the left side.  They checked and said that, unfortunately, they didn’t have one.  She asked them to call us if they acquired one we could use.  THE VERY NEXT DAY THEY CALLED TO TELL US SOMEONE HAD JUST DONATED ONE!!  We gratefully picked it up and I have been able to use it daily as my healing progresses.



PRAYER: Amazing God, we are so grateful for your love for each of us and for your care and concern for us in all the circumstances of our lives. We praise you for all the ways you bless us. Help us live as those who receive and celebrate your love and forgiveness each day. AMEN.

(Rev. Daniel Jordan, retired pastor Susquehanna Annual Conference)

October 28, 2015 Mission Central Helps An Injured Man  (downloadable .pdf)

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