October 14, 2015: Connecting God’s Resources Through the HUB Network



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If you have faith the size of a mustard seed . . . nothing will be impossible for you.”       (Matthew 17:20 NASB)


 In the classroom section of the Mission Central building hangs a wooden sign, “Connecting God’s Resources with Human Need.”  Isn’t that what all of our efforts, whether in Mechanicsburg or out in the HUBS, are attempting to accomplish?  We collect items – boy, do we collect items! We constantly assemble all kinds of kits. We pray over each item and kit and ask that they be blessed as they go out and into the hands of the needy.

It seems to me that it takes faith to allow God to do the connecting of resources to the people who actually need them. We gather resources and try our best to distribute them in a way that reaches those in need. But it really is God’s hand that makes the connection actually happen. We marvel at the miraculous way in which this takes place.

We are constantly amazed at our HUB to see this at work. We receive a call regarding a piece of medical equipment, such as a hospital bed or a lift recliner, that someone wants to donate. While we could certainly take it to Mission Central; first, we try to use the donation to meet a need that is closer to home.

As we make calls to our shut-ins or to the local veterans’ organizations, we often hear that there is an urgent need for that specific item.  Sometimes we hear someone tearfully say, “I have been praying about that need.”  It would seem that faith is at work on both sides of this connection equation.

God is in the business of making connections and we are privileged to be a part of that and to see it happen. Indeed, it renews our faith in God’s greatness!

PRAYER: God of the Universe, help us have faith that You are taking what we give and connecting it to those who need it. Remind us that even a little bit of faith goes a long way in allowing good things to happen in Your kingdom. May this be true as we strive to be the hands, feet–and especially–the heart of Your Son, Jesus. AMEN.

 (Liz Helm, Lancaster HUB Coordinator, Elizabethtown, PA)

October 14, 2015 Connecting God’s Resources Through the HUB Network (downloadable .pdf)

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