November 4, 2015: An MRI Story, Part 1

MRI Machine

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” 

(Proverbs 19:21 NIV)


Mission Central was asked to take possession of an MRI Unit that would be parked in the Mission Central parking lot until a third world country that wanted the equipment could be identified.

Upon delivery, we learned there were 2 “challenges” in providing this assistance.  First, the unit required a constant source of electricity, which became very costly.  Secondly, the unit weighed thousands of pounds and only a limited number of third world countries have road systems that will bear that much weight or sufficient electricity to power such a unit.  As a result, it took over 2 years to find a home for the MRI machine.

Central America had been hit by hard storms and flooding and in November of 2011, the Ambassador of Honduras visited Mission Central to determine what relief supplies might assist in the recovery efforts in his country.  The Ambassador was very impressed and gratified at what was available to him.  He expressed his gratitude to Mission Central for providing help.  Before leaving, he asked if the MRI unit was available. We were more than happy to say “Yes” and he readily accepted it.

This set off a well orchestrated chain of events, requiring the time and effort of a number of volunteers who made necessary contacts and arrangements on behalf of Mission Central.  In addition, we had to find someone to transport the unit.  An independent trucking company agreed to plan the route and move the machine.  Mr. Earl R. Martin, Sr., owner of Earl R. Martin Trucking Company, donated his tractor and took care of all the legal paperwork involved in moving the unit from Mission Central to Tampa, FL.  The Honduran Ambassador was successful in getting the Chiquita Banana Company to put the MRI machine on one of their ships to transport it to Honduras.

The day the MRI was to leave Mission Central’s parking lot, we had a time of Prayer and Thanksgiving.  Dr. Tariq Gill, from Radiologists Without Borders, was our guest speaker.  Dr. Gill expressed appreciation to Mission Central for housing the MRI unit and said he knew how frustrating and expensive it was, having the MRI in our care for so long.

Dr. Gill inspired us with the interesting fact that the government of Honduras had previously commissioned and workers had diligently worked on a “super highway” from their port to the Capital City of Tegucigalpa.  The ribbon cutting and opening of the highway had occurred just one week prior to the MRI shipping date—September 17, 2012.  Without that highway, the MRI machine could not have been transported!

Once again, God showed us his almighty greatness!  How great is our God!

PRAYER: Almighty God, thank you that there are no boundaries or borders to your LOVE and COMPASSION. Thank you for the opportunity for Mission Central to play a small part in this miracle that will provide medical services as well as training for physicians and nurses in another country. AMEN.

(Marsha Fisher, President of Mission Central Board)

November 4, 2015 An MRI Story, Part 1 (downloadable .pdf)

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