March 30, 2016: God Connects The Dots



“For the Lord, the Most High, is awesome,  a great king over all the earth”.                                                                                                                          (Psalm 47:2)



“God, You are so Awesome,” Debbie Underwood from the Hands of Hope HUB in Cortland, NY, kept saying on Tuesday, November 03, 2015 at Mission Central.  She and her husband, Jim, had brought 1700 handmade dresses and 75 baby quilts to give to Betsy Dorsey from AFCA (American Foundation for Children with AIDS).

Debbie is a leader in the Dress Our People project.  Cortland is 1 of the 656 sewing groups in the US and about 1/3 of those groups sew and then send Debbie the finished items.  In fact, after Debbie made arrangements to meet Betsy at Mission Central, three more boxes of dresses arrived at Cortland and were included in the delivery.

Betsy was thrilled to receive these hand sewn items, telling us that they will go to clinics in Uganda and Kenya.  Before long, Betsy and Debbie began to brainstorm other ways they could work together to supply the needs of women in Africa.

But other dots were connected on this day….you see, when Betsy came, she had 447 UMCOR school kits with her from the Cleona HUB.  Betsy and the HUB Coordinator in Cleona, Jeanne Earnshaw, have been pooling transportation since they are both in the same area of Lebanon County.

When Betsy unloaded those kits, Mission Central gave her 4 hospital beds for AFCA.  These beds were then used to hold all the dresses and quilts.  Also, Jim and Debbie brought 63 Layette kits, 50 health kits and 248 school kits from their HUB for Mission Central, medical supplies for Project CURE and sheets for New Digs.

So many dots were connected and Yes, God, You are an awesome God!!

PRAYER: Awesome God, we are humbled by the way You work in our world to provide for Your children everywhere. Thank you for allowing us to serve as your hands and feet to make the important connections that help connect the dots that get Your work accomplished. AMEN.

(Jean Norris, Mission Central Volunteer)

March 30, 2016 God Connects The Dots  (downloadable .pdf)

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