July 22, 2015: God Will Provide Direction


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“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7 NIV)

In June, 2002, when Mission Central opened its doors two years earlier than expected (after a perfect building was suddenly available, a donor provided a down payment, the Conference Loan Fund approved our 2 million dollar loan and the Annual Conference overwhelmingly approved our moving ahead!), I remember walking into the bigger than planned building that opening day. As I looked at 48,000 square feet of empty warehouse, I recall saying out-loud to myself – “What will we ever do in here?”

When things came together in such a miraculous way, our first Board of Directors responded to God’s incredible provision by consciously putting our specific ministry plans on the back burner…saying that since God had provided all that was needed to start early- we should respond by being open to what God would bring in our front door! That simple statement shaped the early years of Mission Central. Things we previously thought we would do–we actually never did! Things we originally said we would never do–we found ourselves involved in almost every day!

From day one, the phone started ringing, people started to bring us “stuff”, people came to us seeking to have ministry needs met and our first God Moments (those times when it is obvious that only God is in the lead!) were realized. The “connectional church” was in full swing, with people spreading the word about Mission Central to such a degree that we found most of our time and energy were used to “respond to what God was bringing in the front door”!


PRAYER: Lord, help us to really believe and live knowing that you are active in our world! Sometimes it is too easy for us to plan, strategize, design, and plow ahead without taking the time to listen for Your voice and leadership. You will provide – all that is needed – to fulfill your plan. Thank you for revealing it to us through so many voices, hands, feet, and actions. May Mission Central always be Yours! Thank you for taking us along on the journey! AMEN

(Harry Overholtzer-Executive Director 2002-2008)

July 22, 2015 God Will Provide Direction (downloadable pdf)

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