February 10, 2016: Struggles and Blessings



“…My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”                                                                                                                                     (II Corinthians 12:9a NIV)

Mission Central welcomes many volunteers, some of whom struggle with difficult life issues and challenges.  These volunteers are referred by a variety of agencies.

For three years, we had a volunteer named Damon, who came to us through Experience Works.  He was a nice man who struggled with alcoholism and suffered from some major health issues.  When he worked in the warehouse, he helped organize shipments and load supplies.

The first Gala, an annual fundraising event for Mission Central, was actually held in the warehouse.  As preparations were made for that important occasion, the depth of Damon’s artistic talents became clear to us.  He was instrumental in helping transform the warehouse into a lovely setting for the Gala.  He also contributed his creative gifts to the “Dance of the Fork Lifts” video.

His attendance was mirrored by his drinking.  When his legs were too painful, or his disease strangled him, Damon was absent.  His erratic attendance was a challenge, but, every time he returned, ready to begin again, Mission Central opened its arms to him and welcomed him.  The Grace of God and the staff of Mission Central enveloped him in a loving and caring environment and we prayed that each time he returned would really be a new beginning.

Sadly, Damon died in August 2013.  We, at Mission Central, are richer because of his journey with us.

PRAYER: Loving and Eternal God, some of us come into this warehouse bruised, battered, and broken. Thank You for the assurance that you receive us as we are. You reach a hand of healing, holding out to us the possibility of wholeness, as we gather in this place called Mission Central. Thank you for the opportunity to journey together in making the connections of life. Amen.

 (Rev. Ruth Ward, Mission Central Mission Education Coordinator)

February 10, 2016 Struggles and Blessings (downloadable .pdf)

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