December 9, 2015: Liberty Grove HUB Partners With Others to Help Mission Central



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“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

(John 13:34 NIV)


The Liberty Grove Hub is a busy place and was especially busy this spring with activities that included, among other things, deliveries to Mission Central of 1200 health kits, a mountain of old computers and parts and more than 250 pairs of shoes.  I want to share yet another recent happening here at the Liberty Grove HUB.

The partnership we now have with another United Methodist Church (Messiah UMC in Springfield, VA. in an entirely different UM Conference) continues to be a blessing.  On June 14th, Messiah UMC held a “Clean Up Bucket” event at their church, purchasing supplies for and assembling 210 buckets!

The Liberty Grove HUB was asked to transport them from Springfield, Va. to Burtonsville, MD, where the Liberty Grove HUB is located.  Once the buckets arrived we would have the opportunity to add missing items, (specifically, clothes pins) and verify each of buckets before taking them all to Mission Central.   We don’t have a truck big enough to haul that many buckets, but we improvised, using that which God had already provided – a bus!

We picked them up last week, but we don’t have storage anywhere at Liberty Grove HUB for that many buckets.  The church Trustees gave permission to use our church bus as a storage “shed” until the MorningStar Day Camp Middle School Community Service Crew completes the final stages of filling and verifying each bucket.  Once verified, they will be transported on the bus to Mission Central, in Mechanicsburg.

Thank you for the ministry of Mission Central, and for allowing us to partner with you as together we connect God’s resources with human need.

PRAYER: Loving God, thank you for the opportunity to work together to make the world a better place. Thank you for helping us understand how to use what we have to meet the needs that arise.  Thank you for your love for all your children.  AMEN

(Don Hauprich, Liberty Grove Hub, Burtonsville, MD)

December 9, 2015 Liberty Grove HUB Partners With Others to Help Mission Central (downloadable .pdf)

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