August 12, 2015: Good Timing Helps Families in Africa

Mech Baby ScaleWhen did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? (Matthew 25:38 NIV)


One Friday, Catholic Social Services in New Jersey called in reference to a medical team they were sending to Africa.  They had heard about Mission Central and were searching for a mechanical baby scale to take into remote villages where they were teaching basic child care, as well as providing clothing and vitamins.

We had a scale we could give them but, unfortunately, the scale needed to be in NJ the next morning because the medical team was scheduled to leave on Saturday from Newark airport.

Fortunately, I was planning to travel to NJ the next day to visit my wife’s family.  Our destination proved to be only a short distance from their office! If we could be there by 10AM, they would meet us at my in-laws, receive the baby scale and get it to the team and onto the plane by noon! It was done!

Some might say this was a coincidence, but having experienced this type of event – the linking of something we had with someone in need – almost on a daily basis, it was just another example of being called to be the hands and feet of God, when and where God needed us to share in God’s Holy Name.


PRAYER: God, we are thankful for all the material things You have provided Mission Central for use in our work. Let us always be mindful that it is really Yours, and that we only need listen for Your directions for its use. And may we always remember that it is really Your love we are sharing. Thank you for sharing that love with us through Your grace! AMEN.

(Harry Overholtzer, Executive Director of Mission Central 2002-2008)

August 12, 2015 Good Timing Helps Families in Africa (downloadable pdf)

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