April 27, 2016: Youth Power



“ Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example for the believers in your speech, your conduct, your love, faith, and purity.” 

(I Timothy 4:12 GNT)

Youth groups love a challenge and that is especially true for the youth of the Leesburg Charge (near Shippensburg, PA), when it means raising money for Mission Central.  Organized just five years ago, the group is growing.  Their first project was gathering materials for Cleaning Buckets as a mission project during Vacation Bible School.  They got so excited, they went to all three churches on the charge and challenged each of them to fill ten buckets.  This took courage because it was the first time some of the youth had ever spoken in church.

Their efforts were rewarded and happy smiles filled their faces when they realized that all three churches participated and they actually had 50 cleaning buckets instead of 30!

The following year on the next-to-the-last day of VBS the youth were far from making their offering goal for Mission Central.  Their youth leader motivated them by pledging to allow them to shave his head if they surpassed their goal.  It worked because the clippers were busy the next evening.  The following year, his hair was sprayed more colors than Joseph’s coat and in 2015 his fingernails were painted a rainbow of colors.  Most importantly, the youth have raised almost $1,000 for Mission Central in addition to filling the cleaning buckets.

Establishing a goal is important. The bonus of celebrating and having a great time after it is accomplished makes it even more memorable for the youth.

A small group.  A mighty vision.  A significant contribution.  A world-view altered.

PRAYER: Loving God, we thank you that you value each of us regardless of our age or station in life. We thank you for the youth of the Leesburg Charge and all the youth groups and youth leaders who have a vision for mission and a heart for serving You by serving others.                     AMEN.

 (Rev. Ruth Ward, Mission Central Mission Education Coordinator)

April 27, 2016 Youth Power  (downloadable .pdf)

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