April 13, 2016: Helping Those Who Help

2015 June 25 Unloading VA Conf Truck - Ray 01117 But the wisdom from above is pure first of all; it is also peaceful, gentle, and friendly; it is full of compassion and produces a harvest of good deeds; it is free from prejudice and hypocrisy.   (James 3:17 GNT)

 It was the new pastor’s first year in his appointment.  He quickly discovered that the poverty level in his community was excessively high.  Voices of concern punctuated clergy meetings, expressing the need for resources and ideas.  The major concern was how can we help the children, not just at Christmas, but all year long?

The pastor came to Mission Central to sort through the great variety of items and resources provided by the Giant corporation.  He stuffed his van with items including rolls of wrapping paper tucked into narrow left-over spaces.  Many children would have a gift. The items he was given were distributed at the elementary school and other organizations in his community.

A few months later he returned.  He drove four hours to discover what Valentine supplies might be helpful at the school, day care, preschool or any of the churches.

The following day he was visiting in the elementary school.  He was recognized on his way to see the school nurse.  As he rounded the corner and poked his head into her office, her face wreathed with smiles and she said “Oh, boy it’s Christmas.”

Meeting the needs of children and adults is always challenging.  A new pastor getting acquainted, making his/her way in a new appointment and becoming part of a new community normally takes a lot of time. The Giant resources at Mission Central helped pave the way for a pastor who was seeking to Connect God’s Resources with Human Need in his local church and community.

PRAYER: Loving God, we thank You for the challenges and opportunities presented to us as we encounter new situations in our lives. We thank you for caring pastors and people who give of their time and energy to meet the needs of others. Thank You especially for the wonderful blessing of the resource we call Mission Central and for all the lives that are touched by it. AMEN.

 (Rev. Ruth Ward, Mission Central Mission Education Coordinator)

April 13, 2016 Helping Those Who Help  (downloadable .pdf)

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