What Difference Can a Church Make In It’s Community?

What difference does a church make in it’s community?  Just ask our neighbors…

In September, a fire burned down a home nearly on the church’s doorstep.  As fire fighters from several fire companies gathered to put out the blaze, we welcomed the family and the Good Samaritans that saved them into our Sanctuary.  They lost everything in the fire, so I took the family into our Thrift Shop, and clothed them.  Because we are a HUB for Mission Central, I was able to give them a couple of health kits and a cleaning bucket kit.

Since that night, I check in with the family regularly.  The congregation prays for them every week on our prayer list.  Many members of our incredibly-generous community brought them gift cards, and the church served as the collection site until they moved into a trailer on their property.

The church is at it’s finest when it is doing God’s business—taking care of God’s children!

Rev. David Czeisel

Bayport UMC