Mission Central Makes Healing Connection Between Two Grieving Widows

“Good morning. Mission Central. This is Ruth. How may I help you?” Every Wednesday and Friday I have the privilege of serving at the front desk as receptionist, answering the phone and greeting folks who enter our doors. Every day is different and I am always blessed by the conversations.

Recently, a woman called and asked if we accepted medical equipment. After my positive response, she started listing all the items she had. I kept saying yes. She asked for directions and then said that all these things had been used by her husband while he was on hospice. I thanked her for calling, hung up, and discovered that my cheeks were wet.

Before I had an opportunity to wipe my tears away, she called back. Could we also use the linens from the hospital bed? Once again the answer was yes. I told her that last October I was in the same position as she and was so grateful to know that someone else would benefit from David’s equipment and supplies. Both of us were in tears, mine in sweet remembrance. On sobs, we hung up.

On that day, I was struggling and could not name the problem. When I asked “how may I help you” I didn’t expect to be the one helped. God moments happen at Mission Central all the time and I am grateful.