News & Events

Welcome to Mission Central’s “News and Events” page, where you can get updates on the latest happenings, news and needs at Mission Central.

You can also view our videos, including our “Mission Central:  An Unfolding Story” video, which details our history and highlights some of the accomplishments made throughout the years, including disaster relief efforts in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy’s devastation.

Our favorite stories, referred to as “God Moments” will be archived here as well.  These are the stories that cannot be explained any other way other than by God’s intervention.  Enjoy these, share them with friends and let us know if you have a “God Moment” of your own.

Finally, our 52-week devotional series will be highlighted here.  Each week, running until next June, we will share a Mission Central-inspired devotional.  We hope that you find these as inspiring as we do!