Donate Funds

A donation to Mission Central goes to help many people, locally, nationally and globally, through Disaster Response, Mission Outreach and Mission Education, including our work with other related agencies.  Unless specified otherwise, all donations go into our general operating fund, which is then used for expenses related to accomplishing the 3 goals listed above.

All donations made payable to Mission Central

Did you know?

Every $1 donated becomes $12 in resources that touches more than 6 lives!

Sponsor A Day

In addition to great volunteers, it takes a lot to keep Mission Central running every day so we can keep doing good work. Did you know that you can help us manage our operational costs by sponsoring a day or half a day? By simply choosing the day, you, your group or your organization will be recognized as the "Sponsor of the Day" on our website and electronic display board in our lobby. It's a great way to recognize your organization and support Mission Central.
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