A Family Receives Much Needed Help from Mission Central: MissionLink February 15, 2018

Rev. Ruth Ward, Mission Central’s Mission Education Coordinator, has shared the following story with us.

Recently, I was invited to preach at Newburg United Methodist Church and talk about Mission Central.  The pastor, Judi Herrold, told me that a young person from the congregation had a statement that she wanted to read in witness to the helpfulness of Mission Central.  I decided to include it as part of the sermon, just before I began speaking.

I learned that Ally, a 9th grader, her younger sister, Delylah, a 3rd grader and Trinity (Trin), in 11th grade, had come from their home in Las Vegas to visit their grandmother, here in Pennsylvania, last July.  Their mother stayed home to work.  While they were here, their mom had a stroke and was admitted to the hospital.  The following is Ally’s testimony of that time:

“On July 24th, 2017 we were told that my mother was sick.  She was in the hospital till November 18th 2017.  We begged for her to get transported to Pennsylvania for months.  She was in Health South for her last three weeks.  The doctors said she needed to be strong enough to sit up for several hours.  This was necessary because we needed to know she could make it through the plane ride. 

“The last week that she was in Las Vegas we were told she had no more insurance starting on the 18th of November, which means she had to come to another hospital here in Pennsylvania.  Then, we were told that she needed to stay at our house.  Since she was coming to the house, we needed a bed, a wheelchair, a bedside commode, etc.  We frantically started searching for the objects that we needed so desperately.

We called the agent’s office and they said they didn’t have any beds, so we called the office on aging.  One of the people on the phone said to call Mission Central.  We called and they said they had everything we needed.  They told us to bring the car up and that they would bring the items to us.  When the worker brought the items out, they also offered us a bed-side table.  We took the offer and brought home everything we needed.”

Ally also related that while they were at Mission Central, they saw a family with three children, whose home had burned.  They came in for a sofa.  When they were also offered a microwave, the mom cried.  They got so many other things they needed.

One of the gifts of volunteering at Mission Central is seeing our mission statement – Connecting God’s Resources with Human Need – in action.  Hearing the impact of those resources from a ninth grader was a blessing.  Thank you, Ally Fellows, for your testimony and thanks to all of you who bring your donations to Mission Central.  They really do make such a difference in individual and family lives.

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