Working Together to Save Lives: MissionLink January 25, 2018


Just in case you’ve ever wondered if your donations and support to Mission Central really make a difference, the story below will answer that question.  Learn about how in one instance, our combined efforts are literally helping a man stay alive.


Mike could no longer eat food…

In March of 2007, he found out that a cold sore on his tongue was cancer.  It seemed like a quick fix…he had it cut out and went back to work.  He thought it was over.

Sadly, Mike was wrong, the cancer was not done with him.  Another tumor developed on the base of his tongue and because of the way nerves are all connected, he said it felt “like a baseball was lodged in his brain.”  In October of 2007, Mike underwent a radical surgery.  He had to have his tongue and soft pallet removed.  This changed his appearance and he lost the ability to communicate clearly and swallow.  It also led to the loss of his career.

After numerous other surgeries, Mike was told that he needed to accept tube feeding for the rest of his life.  This was 10 years ago and he can still clearly remember his last real meal…Cassano’s thin crust pepperoni and sausage pizza.  At first, Mike received a delivery of “food” once a month and his insurance paid for it.  After a while, insurance stopped paying and the costs forced him to use a lesser quality product that a local hospital sold at cost.  The reduced quality began to lead to other health problems.

As Mike searched for a solution to his problem, he was led to Mission Central.  Mike called and spoke with Margi Bradley.  He found that we had the quality of food he needed and also had a 4 month supply! We were willing to ship this to him, but since we had so much available, Mike decided to make the drive to Mission Central from his home in Ohio.

After an 8 hour drive, Mike got to Mission Central and met Margi in person. He said he felt like he knew her before they were introduced.  Margi then told him that we had 9 months’ of food to give him.  This was more than twice as much as he planned for and was worth over $20,000! Margi gave Mike a tour of the warehouse and since his visit was in early September, we were in full disaster relief mode with all the hurricane activity.  Mike learned about UMCOR Kits and our connections with hurricane relief efforts.

Mike recalls being “stunned” at what was going on at Mission Central.  Even though he’d been on the road for 8 hours and had another 8 to get home, Mike decided he wanted to do something for Mission Central and for everyone affected by the recent disasters.
Mike learned how to make cleaning buckets, taught other volunteers how to make them and then stayed and volunteered for 2 hours.  Mike says he learned how great it felt to help people.  He was able to experience being the hands and feet of God.  Mike thought about a cousin in Florida who would likely receive a cleaning bucket and Mike is now making plans to come spend an entire week volunteering at Mission Central.

Mission Central may be best known for the “big stuff” like our disaster relief efforts.  While that is certainly an extremely important part of what we do, our work also reaches down to an individual level and not only changes, but can literally save lives.

Consider a gift to Mission Central…it will go a LONG way towards ensuring that more of the “Mikes” out there are reached. YOU can join us and be part of an amazing ministry that transforms lives.

Your financial support can help supply household goods for a fresh start in life, a computer for education or work, medical equipment in a time of injury or illness, school supplies to give children a head start or even nutritional supplements that keep people alive.  Mission Central is THE place to think of first.

At Mission Central, there is a mural in our volunteer room.  It is intentionally unfinished.  This mural represents the work that needs to be done…it will never be finished.  There are always those in need and together, we can reach them.  Join us on this amazing journey of mission!  It will never be finished, but you will experience tremendous rewards along the way.

P.S. Your gift will transform lives. It may be for one person suffering in unknown ways or it may go to help thousands of people affected by a disaster.  You can be sure, with Mission Central, YOU WILL be making a difference.

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