Mission Central’s Current Needs: MissionLink January 4, 2018


We’re often asked “What does Mission Central need?”

Starting in January, we will have several new and ongoing projects and wanted to share this list of needs so that you can plan ahead.



  • Winter Coats and Outerwear – Imagine being out in this weather with no coat!
  • We will still be accepting Target and Walmart gift cards as local students need school uniforms
  • School Supplies of all kinds
  • Non-Cellulose foam sponges for cleaning buckets
  • Nail Clippers (no bigger than 2 inches)
  • Single pack adult toothbrushes
  • Sturdy combs (no pocket combs or picks)
  • Shoes of all types and sizes
  • Don’t forget that it costs around $1800 a day to keep Mission Central open and utility bills for a 48,000 sq ft warehouse increase in the winter, so ongoing financial support is critical (every bit helps!)

Thank you all for your continued support and for joining us as we continue to connect God’s resources with human need!

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