Giant Foods’ Donations In Use: MissionLink January 11, 2018

Anyone who has volunteered at Mission Central knows just how critical the support of Giant Foods is to our continued work.  Giant has been a great supporter of Mission Central over the years, both financially and with donated resources.

One of the biggest ways that Giant donates to Mission Central is with their seasonal merchandise.  After each holiday or season, the decorations and other items that remain in the stores all comes to Mission Central.  This keeps our volunteers very busy, sorting and organizing sometimes multiple tractor trailer loads of donations.

These items are then made available at the next season or holiday and given to various groups to be used for local mission outreach.  Unfolding:  Lives is another mission partner of ours and they were able to put these Giant resources to great use this Christmas.  Working with McKinley Elementary, they utilized the Giant donations to create a Winter Wonderland where nearly 700 students each received a gift and a snack (see pictures below).  Unfolding:  Lives, like Mission Central, strives to connect resources with those in need.

Many other groups count on these donations from Giant throughout the year, with Valentine’s Parties, Easter Celebrations and numerous other uses that reach out into the communities where Giant often has a large presence.  We thank Giant, Unfolding:  Lives and our other partners for all parts that they play in our mission of connecting God’s resources with human need.  This cannot be done by any one individual, business, etc., but rather by the combined efforts of many, working together.

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