See What We’ve All Accomplished Since August: MissionLink October 12, 2017

As you all are well aware, there has been A LOT going on at Mission Central since Hurricane Harvey first struck Texas back in August.  Many of you have responded with gifts of money, time and materials.  Together, we have all accomplished amazing feats and we wanted to put it all together for you.  While the storms may be over for now, this is not a time for complacency.  This mission work goes on year-round, through bad hurricane seasons and through light ones.  We never know when the next disaster may strike and we ALWAYS need to be ready.  Even when there are no disasters, Mission Central is doing many other things.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check our website regularly for information and updates.  Kids need gifts at Christmas, children need school supplies year-round, families need furniture and medical supplies, schools need computers…the list goes on and on.  Continue with us on this wonderful journey and we thank you for all that you have done so far and all that you will continue to do!


Here’s what we’ve all done:

  • In August, in anticipation of the storms, we sent out 1,872 cleaning buckets (a tractor trailer load) to UMCOR
  • In September, we sent 3,744 cleaning buckets to UMCOR
  • On October 2, we sent 14,855 pounds of personal care items and cleaning supplies through the Stephen Siller Foundation to Florida.  This was valued at over $156,000
  • On October 4, we sent 30,448 Hygiene Kits, 228 Layette Kits, 2,556 Sewing Kits, 3,000 Birthing Kits and 551 Bedding Kits to UMCOR with a value of $473,669
  • On October 6, we sent 1,872 cleaning buckets and some sewing kits to UMCOR, with a value of over $121,000
  • Currently, we are still working with the Stephen Siller Foundation to send more to Florida, UMCOR has 28,000 cleaning buckets ready to go to Puerto Rico and there is a possible project with Jet Blue to get a load of supplies to Puerto Rico

Under “normal” conditions, Mission Central keeps an inventory of approximately 2,000 cleaning buckets completed and ready to ship and the components to make another 1,000, so after everything is done with the current relief efforts, we will need to rebuild that inventory, along with various kits and other supplies.

Much like our mural in the volunteer room that remains “unfinished”, OUR work is never done either!

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