Month End Report – August: MissionLink October 5, 2017

August 2017 Month-End Numbers

Mission Central Volunteers: 494
Mission Central Volunteer Hours 1,637
Mission Central Product (Cap Region) $72,363 People Assisted 86,000
 Mission Central Product (Rest of PA) $4,272 People Assisted 325
Mission Central Product (Nationally) $9,230 People Assisted 56,100
Mission Central Product (Internationally)  $11,561 People Assisted 23,101
In-House Partner’s Product $386,689 People Assisted 182,839

Almost 500 volunteers blessed Mission Central in the month of August, putting in more than 1,600 hours!

Their combined efforts reached more than 165,000 people with goods worth almost $100,000.

Mission Central’s In-House Ministry Partners combined to reach an additional 182,839 with goods worth just over $386,000.

With the combined efforts of everyone at Mission Central, almost 350,000 people received goods worth $486,000…and this was all done in 1 month.

Thank you to all who donated, volunteered and helped in any way…just look at how much you all accomplished!

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