Month End Reports-June/July: MissionLink September 14, 2017

June and July saw a lot of activity at Mission Central…check out the numbers!

Total Mission Central Volunteers: 1022
Total Mission Central Volunteer Hours: 3525
In-House Partners Product: $698,802 People Assisted: 240,431
Mission Central Product (Cap. Region): $215,225 People Assisted: 365,967
Mission Central Product (Rest of PA): $27,737 People Assisted: 41,112
Mission Central Product (Nationally): $2,555 People Assisted: 61
Mission Central Product (International): $158,050 People Assisted: 140,801

What does all of this mean?  Simply put, over the course of June and July, 1,022 people volunteered at Mission Central for a total of 3,525 hours (about 3.5 hours each).  In those hours, the volunteers helped move goods worth $403,567 that reached 547,941 people…67% were people right here in Central PA!  Our in-house partners reached another 240,431 people.

Each time a volunteer came in, their work reached 536 people!  Come, join us and be a part of this amazing ministry.  Thank you to all who help Mission Central in any way!

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