Another God Moment Occurs at Mission Central: MissionLink September 21, 2017

On September 11, Jean Norris came to Mission Central and the events that she witnessed moved her to send in the following story:


“As I went to Mission Central yesterday, I found so much going on that tears came to my eyes as I reflect on what I saw.  When I pulled in the parking lot, New Digs was helping a family get much needed furniture and household goods.  Also for hurricane response, there was a constant flow of cleaning bucket and hygiene kit donations coming all day from far and wide including the Shoemaker HUB in Wyoming , PA and a church in West VA.  There were busy volunteers helping Bethesda Mission in the morning who stayed to work on cleaning buckets in the afternoon.

But the thing that brought me to tears was what Margi Bradley, our valued front desk staff person did to Connect God’s Resources with Human Need.  She had received a call from a cancer survivor from Ohio because we are affiliated with the Olley Foundation.  Through this organization Margi is able to connect patients and families who need nutritional supplements with the donations of supplements that come in to Mission Central.  This patient was looking for a certain supplement that Margi was able to offer to him.  Because he needed what we had in a large quantity, he decided to drive from Ohio to get it, taking alternative routes to avoid tolls.  He was able to receive enough for 10 months of nutrition, $20,000 worth of supplies, at no cost.  You see he had oral surgery and can only “eat” this supplement daily.  He was so grateful and he also noted the work being done for Hurricane Relief, he decided to stay for several hours and volunteer preparing cleaning buckets.

If Mission Central had only made this connection for this one person yesterday, it would have been enough of a God Moment, but there was so much more going on in this Warehouse of Wonders.  On Wednesday, Sept. 13, the first tractor trailer load of Cleaning Buckets and Hygiene kits will head out for the Hurricane clean-up response.  Many more will follow.

Thank you God for Mission Central, the dedicated staff, donors, volunteers, and receivers! We are all blessed by you!

Jean Norris”


Jean, thank you for sending this in and for sharing your story.  As many of you know, Mission Central is a place of miracles and it is not at all uncommon to witness great things while you’re here.  If anyone has a story of their own to share, please let us know.

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