Kids Learn About Mission Central at Camp: MissionLink August 10, 2017

Recently, a “Grandparents and Me” camp was held at Greene Hills, one of the camps of the Susquehanna Annual Conference.  The following story, showing how the kids learned about Mission Central, serving others and giving, was shared by Jean Norris.  Thank you, Jean and thank you to all who participated in this great camp!


This summer at Grandparents and Me Camp at Greene Hills we talked about God’s Fearless Faithful….

First we had to gather creek stones…


to build an altar.










Afterwards, we brought our offering of shoes that still have life in their soles and learned how Funds2Orgs through Mission Central will use them to help other people





Then our GRAND TEAM of grandparents and grandchildren wrapped them together in pairs with rubber bands and put 25 pairs in a big bag.  Grandfather Mike Galbraith loaded them in his truck and delivered 375 pairs of shoes to Mission Central.  

Our “Grand Team” thanks God knowing the shoes we offered will help others.

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