Improving Conditions in Honduran Hospitals: MissionLink August 17, 2017


We recently received this update from Dave Kerr, regarding donated hotel duvet covers that have been transformed into high quality hospital sheets to be used in Honduras.  Dave explained to me that these hospitals are often lacking proper bedding and said that these sheets will go a long way to help in the recovery process.  From an initial count, he estimates that over 3,000 sheets are being sent in this shipment.

This is another amazing example of what can be accomplished when people work together, each doing their own part.  Countless people will find comfort and feel God’s love as they recuperate from injuries and illnesses in Honduras.


In the coming weeks, Images of Hope will be shipping a container filled with not only valuable medical equipment and supplies, but also thousands of brand new sheets destined for usage at Hospitals in Honduras.  The story of the sheets is miraculous and shows how God can move mightily when we all work together to help those in need.

Last Summer, a resort hotel in New Jersey donated multiple pallets of king-sized, brand new duvet covers to Dr. JP Bonnet in Franklin, New Jersey.  The covers, along with brand new pillow cases were transferred to Mission Central in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  Mission Central then distributed the duvet covers to churches throughout several conferences of The United Methodist Church.  Many seamstresses in numerous churches lovingly used their skills to transform the duvet covers into high quality sheets that will be distributed to hospitals throughout Honduras.

These sheets will add comfort to patients and bring hope and healing.  It is not unusual in Honduran hospitals for patients to lack adequate bedding.  Our prayer is that these sheets will bring hope and comfort to many.  Deep appreciation is given to Dr Bonnet, Mission Central, the churches of the United Methodist Church and the awesome seamstresses who assisted in this endeavor.  Help is still needed though….if you, your church or organization would like to contribute to a fund for the shipping of the container that will include these sheets please contact David Kerr through Facebook, Images of Hope site, email: or call (917) 406-9598.  Thank you for your consideration and prayers for those in need throughout the world!


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