Giant Foods’ Donations Help Locally and Globally: MissionLink July 27, 2017

Recently, we received the following email regarding donations from Giant Foods that were obtained through Mission Central.  Many of you may have benefited from Giant’s various donations, but here’s an example of the far reach that can be made when we team up and work on a global level, as well.

“Our mission team was in need of games and support items for our recent trip to the Dominican Republic.   We received 2 large suitcases of games:  wiffle balls, bats, frisbees, buckets, etc., from Mission Central.  During our team’s visit to the Dominican Republic last week, we used these toys and shared them with over 500 children in that country.   Most of the children that we met were very poor and didn’t play with toys much due to not having the funds to purchase them.  The toys we took down were a huge hit.  I wanted to take this time to thank both Mission Central and Giant Foods for these donations.  I am attaching a few pics that I hope you can enjoy.

Thank you
Brian Galbraith”

We thank Giant Foods as well, for their continued support and generosity.  The far-reaching effects of donations never cease to amaze!

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