Kids Making a Difference: MissionLink June 1, 2017


We were recently contacted by Joy Hammar, who took her interest in Mission Central from Carlisle, PA to Cache, Oklahoma.  Joy explained that while her family was stationed at the Carlisle Barracks, Ruth Ward from Mission Central, came to speak.  Later on, Joy and a few other people came to Mission Central to donate sewing kits that they’d made and fortunately, Ruth was also at Mission Central and was able to give the group a tour of the facility.

After moving to Cache, Oklahoma and joining First United Methodist Church, the youth there decided to collect money to send to Mission Central as they had a great interest in our Cleaning Buckets.


They sent us the picture of the kids with buckets and we sent back a picture of Rob Visscher, Executive Director and Adam Hoover, Director of Development, with the check, as well as pictures of our warehouse full of cleaning buckets, so that the kids could see where their hard work went.

We thank the youth  of First UMC, Cache, OK for caring about others in need and for their contribution.  They will also hopefully inspire others their age and teach them that ANYONE can make a difference, regardless of how old or young you are.   We thank Joy Hammar for helping to spread the word about Mission Central!



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