Messiah Student Helps a Child in Ghana: MissionLink May 11, 2017


In January, Natalie Lamoreaux, a Junior at Messiah College, went to Ghana, Africa on a cross-cultural experience.  Natalie is preparing to be a physical therapist and worked in a clinic in Ghana.  There she met a little girl who has mild cerebral palsy and very flat feet. The therapist suggested to her mother that her daughter really needed supportive shoes instead of sandals and also a ball that could be used to roll her feet on to develop her arches. Unfortunately the mother did not have the ability to acquire either the ball or shoes.

Natalie immediately remembered that she had brought with her some balls. (Natalie is a softball player at Messiah) She planned to take the balls in to the clinic before she went back home.


Before she left Ghana, Natalie had a chance to explore the village and saw a women selling shoes along the road. She had a pile of shoes and Natalie spotted a pair of sneakers. She bought them for US $5. She then added the shoes to the balls and took them to the clinic, leaving them for the little girl who would return for an appointment after Natalie went home.


Just  a few weeks after returning to Messiah, Natalie received these pictures from the therapist at the clinic, making her so happy to have helped in this way.


I do not know for sure, but when I heard this story, I wondered if perhaps the lady selling shoes by the road had gotten them from the organization, Funds2Org. Mission Central has been collecting shoes that still have life in their soles for the last 2 years for them.  We then bag 25 pairs of shoes in a bag and we have sent 100’s of pairs of shoes through this organization to help people in developing areas set up businesses selling shoes in order for them to become self-sustaining.  I even wondered if those same shoes had perhaps come through Mission Central.  What is certain though, is that Natalie was a channel of God’s love and care for that precious little girl.

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