Guests From Sierra Leone and Trinity UMC Connect For a God Moment: MissionLink May 12, 2017

2 guests here with the Sierra Leone Initiative and members of Trinity UMC in Hummelstown, PA had an unexpected and very joyous meeting this morning that brightened everyone’s day.

While Edwin Momoh, a United Methodist minister and Isatu Peacock, principal of a Methodist Girl’s School from Sierra Leone were touring Mission Central, they went into the volunteer room and met up with members of Trinity UMC.  Trinity was here assembling Health Kits, that likely would end up in Sierra Leone.

Having been recipients of these health kits, our guests were elated to see where the kits came from and meet those assembling them.  Edwin went around and personally hugged and thanked each member of Trinity.  The joy on his face could not be denied!


Edwin and Isatu each took a few moments to explain the excitement they felt at seeing where all of the generous donations they’ve received have come from.  Likewise, members of Trinity were thrilled to learn, first-hand, who was helped by their efforts and the impact that the Health Kits they were assembling would have on the recipients.

This was simply a chance meeting that everyone saw as another of our many God Moments that occur here at Mission Central.  Tours are given all the time and groups are in here working almost daily, but it’s a rare occasion that people from both ends of the connection are able to come together.

Thank you Trinity UMC for volunteering at Mission Central today and thank you, Edwin and Isatu, for taking time from your schedule to visit us and give us some understanding and perspective that can only be fully grasped by meeting in person.





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