New Digs Ministry featured on Penn Live: MissionLink March 9, 2017

This week, we were blessed to have John Micek, a reporter from Penn Live, visit Mission Central and interview our own Ginny Jones, about New Digs Ministry. See his story below and enjoy his wonderful video of Ginny giving the history of New Digs in her own words.

We’d like to thank John for taking the time to come meet with us and learn more about Mission Central!


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New Digs Ministry started out around a decade ago with a bunch of cast-off furniture that Ginny Jones stockpiled on her front porch.

And it began in the most personal way imaginable: She was trying to help her daughter, who fights mental illness, and her friends fill their new apartments with just the basics.

“They live on $600 a month, you pay rent, you eat, there’s nothing left for furniture,” she said. “So I started picking up stuff along the side of the road and filling her peers’ apartments as they moved into them

“Eventually, the idea just kept working with me and working with me and I outgrew my front porch,” she continued. ” … There’s just God moment after God moment.”

These days, Jones presides over a corner of a massive warehouse in Mechanicsburg that’s stuffed full of couches, chairs, beds, tables, plates and silverware, towels and other household odds and ends.

The scale may have changed, but the goal is the same: To connect those in need, whether they’re hit by natural disaster, the toils of war, domestic violence or just the cruel hand of fate, to start over again, in new digs, their homes filled with the trappings that most of us take for granted.

Jones effort, headquartered in Mission Central, which is run by the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church, now boasts some 40 volunteers who work three days a week to connect the needy with the things they need. She shares the space with three other charities.

Last year, Jones and her cohorts gave away about $870,000 in household goods to people who found them through local social service agencies.

“It’s all referrals,” she said.

Watch the video and learn more about New Digs Ministry.

New Digs Ministry is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Pick-ups of old furniture and household goods can also be arranged if you’re unable to haul it yourself.

If you’d like to volunteer, or have furniture or other household goods you’d like to donate, you can reach Jones at 717-620-9735.

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