Ever Wonder Where Your Donations Go?: MissionLink March 16, 2017


Have you ever wondered where a donation you made to Mission Central ended up?  We often know general information about things, but whenever we are able to give specifics, we love to tell those stories!

Recently, we were able to donate a suitcase to Linda Beck, who was heading to Cuba for a week.  She wanted to fill the suitcase with items to donate and to donate the suitcase itself.  She estimated that she might help as many as 50 different families with these supplies.  Even the smallest things like lotion, ink pens and toothpaste can make a huge difference in other countries.


We received the following message from Linda upon her return:

“I have to tell you….what I took to Cuba was so well received. Not only were the things IN the luggage well received, but the luggage itself was a huge hit. It went to our 23 year old tour guide, a recent graduate of the University of Havana, who has never before owned a suitcase. Her dream is to get to Ireland one day and she hopes to be able to take the suitcase with her. She also took most of the things to distribute and showed me some pictures of the people who were so happy for a bottle of lotion or a pen. She was also going to give the sneakers I was able to bring along to the doctors who spend a lot of time on their feet.  So, THANK YOU for helping to get more things to Cuba!”

Thank you to Linda for the update and for anyone who wants to tell your story of what you did or where you went with a donation from Mission Central, we would love to share that, as well!

You can email Adam Hoover, ahoover@susumc.org with any questions or stories.

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