Update on MC’s VBS Project: MissionLink February 9, 2017

Mission Central is currently working on a VBS curriculum, that originally was planned to be available this winter for use in 2017.  Below is an update from Ruth Ward, Mission Central’s Education Coordinator on the current status of the program.  Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year and plan ahead for your 2018 “Where in the World” VBS!

Working God’s Plan

            How often have you made plans, only to have stumbling blocks appear or hear God’s laughter?  That seems to be what has happened to us as we have worked on our Vacation Bible School curriculum.  Illness, surgeries, and other glitches have put a kink in the careful timetable the four of us had planned as we’ve worked to bring “Where in the World” to birth.

What we have discovered in this unexpected time are blessings.  We’ve found additional resources.  We are completing the writing and fine-tuning our work.  We’ve arranged for a small membership church to test the curriculum this summer, which will help us make adjustments and have a better product for you.

Deb’s getting close to having all the stories written.  Have you had a child shouting for joy when given a new toothbrush or a hand towel?  One of our stories does.

Jack’s composed songs for each day.  Wait until you hear “Flood Buckets, Coming Down the Line”, “Where In The World Will I Go?”, “You’re My Neighbor” and the others that coordinate with the stories.

Dawn has gathered crafts, snacks, and games from Asia, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and The United States, that go with each day’s focus.  Are you ready to make sand paper art, eat Pocky or play Shyla?  You’ll learn how during the week’s journey around the world.

Ruth is still gathering the photographs and videos for opening and closing exercises.  We’d love for you to share yours from Haiti, Philippines, Belarus, and the U.S.A.  If you’ve taken resources from Mission Central and shared them on a mission trip, we’d love to hear from you.  Your pictures and videos help tell the unfolding story.

Miles, our busy mission bee, is buzzing around the world, following God’s resources as they connect with human need.   You’ll find Miles ready to decorate your room, on a poster to announce your program, as a page to color, and to circle your neck as a name tag.

We’ll keep you posted with our progress and we are very grateful for your prayerful support for this project.

In the meantime, we’ve included the chorus from our original song “You’re My Neighbor”, which will be featured in the VBS curriculum.

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