Tech4Tanzania Shipment Delivered: MissionLink October 6, 2016

img_2707Tech4Tanzania has wonderful news to share!  On May 19th of this year, a massive group effort paid off, with supplies finally reaching Tanzania.  Randy Barr writes the following:

“After months of waiting, prayers of hope, pleading, anger and despair; our hearts turn to rejoicing and thanks to God who has delivered our container of medical and educational supplies into south central Tanzania.

Friends from Mission Central, Computer Ministry, Slate Hill Mennonite Church, Tree of Life Lutheran Church and Saint Paul Lutheran Church, Enola, have worked in the past year to gather supplies, raise money and offer encouragement across denominational lines to this fledgling ministry . News and pictures are pouring in with shouts of joy. God has raised life from our abandoned efforts to deliver these much-needed supplies with the relentless work of the recipients who gathered and protested to the government, the shipping offices and the storage owners.

Fees were reduced, trucking was arranged, additional money was gathered and everything is in place. The accrued fees of more than $23,000 were reduced significantly so that tech4tanzania, our US partners and the Tanzanian recipients were able to combine resources and liberate the container for delivery to the intended schools, hospitals and orphanages.”

Last Spring, Computer Ministry awarded one of their annual scholarships to John Mwaipopo.  This video is shared by his father in Tanzania, showing the delivery of computer equipment and other supplies:

Delivery in Tanzania

Attached are additional photos of the shipments arriving.  Thanks to all of those who spent countless hours working together to make this happen!

In order to learn more about this important ministry, check out their blog here:  Tech4Tanzania Blog

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