Beautiful, Handmade Wall Hanging Finds a New Home at Mission Central: MissionLink September 29, 2016

lastsupperIn her late 60’s Gladys Koller made this beautiful wall hanging, depicting the Last Supper.  She donated it to her church, Trinity UMC in York, where it hung until the church closed.  At that point, Gladys had passed on and the wall hanging went back to her daughter, Fawn McCallister.

Unfortunately, it was too big to hang at Fawn’s church or at any of the local churches that Gladys had a connection with.  The hanging was cleaned and meticulously maintained at Fawn’s home for 5 years and while Fawn loved having it, she felt that it did not have a “proper home”.

Fawn prayed about what to do and asked God to see that it went to a good home, a place where it could be seen and hoped that it would give peace to those who saw and touched it.   Fawn eventually found a “nudge” to bring it to Mission Central.  We were able to find a permanent home for it in the New Digs area.

We now have it on display and are proud to be able to share this beautiful gift with others.  Fawn writes, “To say that I am pleased that it is at Mission Central is an understatement.  I will be up to see it and cry over it, but at the same time, know that my mom is pleased.  Thank you again. God Bless.”

Fawn, thank you for entrusting us with this treasured memento from your mother.  We also pray that those who have the opportunity to see this find peace and a sense of comfort.

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