Another Example of Our Youth Making a Difference: MissionLink September 8th, 2016



Ten years ago, at Annual Conference, a challenge was presented to the churches to fill tubes with quarters in an effort to raise money for Mission Central.  One church, in particular, took this challenge to heart, made a long-term commitment to Mission Central and recently made an incredible donation.




Saint John’s – Newberry United Methodist Church, Williamsport, PA,  embraced this challenge through its children’s department.  Each month, for the past ten years, the children’s Sunday School classes would go around to the adult Sunday School classes seeking donations (mainly in quarters) for Mission Central.  This past May, 2016, the children went over the $10,000 mark, completing a challenge they’d set out upon a decade ago.

On Sunday, May 22nd, the children and youth of Saint John’s, presented Jean Norris, Mission Central HUB Coordinator, a check signifying the $10,000 offered to Mission Central over a ten-year period.  Jean shared the story of Mission Central with the combined adult Sunday School classes.  We are thrilled to inform everyone that the children wanted to continue these efforts and began to collect the next $10,000, starting with the following month’s offering in June.

This goes to show that EVERYONE can make a difference.  With hard work and dedication, even the youngest among us can make amazing accomplishments.

A huge “Thank You” goes out to the congregation of Saint John’s, their Pastor, Jay Jones, Children’s Ministries Coordinator, Eric Haymon and especially to their dedicated youth, who have shown us what can be done when you are dedicated to a cause.

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