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This letter from Mission Central HUB Coordinator, Jean Norris, really shows the devastation that’s going on right here in the United States.  UMCOR and Mission Central are doing all that we can to assist, but your help is desperately needed.  As you will see, our supply of cleaning buckets will once again be depleted.  Prayerfully consider what you can do to help.



Cleaning Bucket Instructions / Contents

Monetary Donations to Mission Central

From Jean Norris:

I happened to be at Mission Central last Thursday when Greg Forrester, UMCOR’s Assistant General Secretary for Disaster Response in the United States, came by Mission Central with some supplies from the Central New York Conference and the Cortland HUB to leave at Mission Central.  In the load were 400 cleaning buckets that will join Mission Central’s supply to send on the UMCOR truck this week of 2000 buckets headed for the southern states devastated with flooding.

That will deplete Mission Central’s supply, so again, we need to replenish the supply of cleaning buckets. Greg said that UMCOR is currently in 38 states where there are 152 active disaster sites. It is reported that of those flooded only 1 out of 8 families have insurance to help. In one parish/county in LA where there are 130,000 residents, 100,000 are homeless.  

I simply cannot imagine such devastation.  However, I am so very grateful to be United Methodist – a connectional church that is responding.  To be a part of the UMCOR system as Mission Central and the HUBs, assures me I am doing something and not just wringing my hands.  I trust that each kit sent is a sign of someone, someplace, caring for those in such dire need and a sign of God’s love for them in their despair.  Thank you for all you are doing in this Relief System.

On Thursday, my husband and I did verify some buckets and found many of them supplied with wet sponges.  It was necessary for us to put them in the dryer on low heat to get the moisture out of them. Please be aware not to pack wet cellulose sponges in the buckets – unfortunately that is the way they are sold/marketed, but they are a mold hazard in the bucket.  Also, remember that Mission Central has garbage bags on hand so, if you are short of bag supplies, you can exclude them from the buckets you send and mark them as needing the bags and they will be added at Mission Central.

Again thank you for your responses to all these disasters.


This week, thanks to generous bucket and monetary donations from churches, Mission Central sent a truckload of almost 2,000 cleaning buckets to Louisiana.  Either tomorrow or Monday, we will be sending another truckload of buckets and a pallet of Clorox cleaning products.

We have even had volunteers respond to our “call to action” and have come in specifically to work on cleaning buckets!!

While this is all great and we appreciate everything you’ve done, the job is not over.  UMCOR still needs more buckets, as the devastation from the floods is tremendous.  Thank you to all who have contributed.  Let’s see how many more families we can help!

Some pictures of Tuesday’s shipment:

IMG_0155 IMG_0156 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0162


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