Youth Group Makes Huge Donation to Mission Central: MissionLink August 18, 2016

Calvary UMC shrink wrap

Recently, the Youth from Calvary UMC, Lawrenceville, PA volunteered at Mission Central.  They also made an AMAZING donation to Mission Central while they were here.  The youth raised over $1800 to go towards the purchase of a shrink wrap machine.


This machine is critical for Mission Central’s operations as we use it to secure pallets that are being shipped all over the area, country and the world.


We thank this wonderful youth group for their hard work and dedication and wish to extend their challenge to other churches, youth groups, etc.  The shrink wrap machine costs approximately $6500 and the youth of Calvary UMC challenge these other groups to raise the balance of the funds needed!  If one group can raise over $1800, just imagine what all the other youth groups and churches can do!

To make your donation to Mission Central, click here


July Operations Report


  • Total Mission Central Volunteers:   542
  • Total Mission Central Volunteer Hours:  2,154


  • In-House Partners Product: $ 195,323       People Assisted: 102,691


  • Mission Central Product (Cap. Region): $ 169,524              People Assisted: 35,116
  • Mission Central Product (Rest of PA): $  11,899                   People Assisted:   9,628
  • Mission Central Product (Nationally): $    1,000                  People Assisted:       200
  • Mission Central Product (Internationally): $   23,970        People Assisted: 21,274

Wow!  Just think about this.  542 people volunteered at Mission Central in the month of July…an average of almost 21 volunteers per day!  These 542 people worked an average of 4 hours and in that time, touched over 66,000 lives!

Where else can you volunteer for 4 hours and help 122 people??  To volunteer at Mission Central, please contact John Mulhollan at or call us at 717-766-1533

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