Partnering With the Community to Make a Difference: MissionLink July 21, 2016

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The Neighborhood Center of the United Methodist Church has always been a valuable resource to the community by providing childcare, food distribution, free clothing, a teen center, adult education and much more.

This past April, it became invaluable to Jane, when she rolled into the Center in her power chair to recharge the battery, which runs down too quickly and frequently leaves her stranded.  Her hands were freezing and she was shivering, as it was very cold that day.  We gathered around her and gave her a blanket and some hot coffee and held her hand.  As she waited for her battery to charge, she informed us that she would be homeless soon, since her apartment building was to be torn down and she had no place to stay that would accommodate her physical and financial limitations.

Her other challenge was that her current power chair did not perform properly and it has left her stranded in the middle of busy streets.  As her story unfolded, we realized that first, she needed to feel the love of Christ by helping her get warm and then assure her that we would work together to help her find a place to stay and find her a more dependable means of transportation.  She left the building with a full charge, warm hands and hope.

The Neighborhood Center already has connections to Mission Central and know of the many God moments that have occurred there, so we called and requested a power chair for Jane.  There was nothing available at the initial call, but as God would have it, one was soon donated in excellent working condition.  When Jane came in for her power chair, she was extremely excited and thankful to have a dependable means of transportation.  She was truly grateful for this blessing and couldn’t say ‘thank you’ enough to Neighborhood Center and Mission Central.


Thank YOU for continuing to support places like The Neighborhood Center and Mission Central!  A power chair donation is a big thing, but even the smallest donation, amount of time or act of kindness can make such a difference in someone’s life.

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