Healthy Steps Diaper Bank Receives Tractor Trailer Load of Diapers: MissionLink July 28, 2016

healthy_steps_diaper_bank_500One of our in-house mission partners, Healthy Steps Diaper Bank, received an amazing donation on Wednesday, June 15, when a tractor trailer load of between 200,000 and 400,000 Huggies brand diapers were delivered to Mission Central, where Healthy Steps stores their diapers.  The value of this donation is between $40,000 and $55,000 and was awarded by the National Diaper Bank Network.

Healthy Steps Diaper Bank will distribute these diapers to familes in Cumberland, Dauphin, & Perry Counties through their partnerships with local service agencies.  The diapers will be distributed to families at no cost, to supplement what they are currently able to purchase, ensuring familes are able to properly diaper their children.  This partnership structure recognizes that individuals and families who need diapers most likely also need other social services and together they are working toward “whole” solutions.

Healthy Steps Diaper Bank’s mission is keep children clean, dry and healthy.  Providing diapers to families in need and teaching proper diapering techniques, reduces risks of diaper rash, staph infections and urinary tract infections.  The result is a healthier child, fewer doctor and ER visits and parents that feel confident in providing a basic need for their child.  More information about Healthy Steps Diaper Bank can be found on their website .

About Healthy Steps Diaper Bank:

Healthy Steps Diaper Bank is a 501©3 non-profit organization that collects, stores and distributes free diapers through partner agencies to families in need in Cumberland, Dauphin, & Perry Counties.  Their mission is to address diaper needs by providing a sufficient supply of disposable diapers to keep children clean, dry and healthy.  Currently, Healthy Steps Diaper Bank is providing over 19,000 diapers per month to over 400 families in need of this critical, basic necessity.  Most public resources such as food stamps and WIC do not provide diapers.  Without a sufficient supply of diapers, parents are forced to keep babies in diapers longer than is healthy for the child or are forced to reuse diapers.  Most childcare centers, even free and subsidized facilities, will turn away a child who arrives without a day’s supply of disposable diapers. Healthy Steps Diaper Bank also offers a free “Healthy Diapering” training to educate mothers and caregivers on the importance and basics of healthy diapering and it also includes a section about potty training.

Mission Central is proud to partner with Healthy Steps, providing warehouse space for them and is thrilled at the news of the donation they’ve received that will help countless families in the area.



Mission Central’s June Operations Numbers

  • Total Mission Central Volunteers: 523
  • Total Mission Central Volunteer Hours: 2066


  • In-House Partners Product: $ 462,520       People Assisted: 102,992
  • Mission Central Product (Cap. Region): $ 224,831             People Assisted:  73,093
  • Mission Central Product (Rest of PA): $ 114,544                 People Assisted:  83,120
  • Mission Central Product (Nationally): $       983                  People Assisted:        571
  • Mission Central Product (Internationally): $   25,078        People Assisted:   38,723


This is YOUR donations and volunteer hours at work!  Less than 4 hours of volunteer work per person, per month makes a difference in almost 300,000 lives!  Imagine what could be done with 5 or 6 hours per month or with even a few extra volunteers.  At Mission Central, each person really does help connect God’s resources with human need.  Thank you!

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