Another ‘God Moment’ at Mission Central: MissionLink July 14, 2016


A member of the Mission Central Staff, Margi Bradley, had the fortune of being involved in a ‘God Moment’ this week at Mission Central.  If you’re not familiar with one of our favorite things that happen regularly at Mission Central, these are those amazing moments that seem to happen time and time again.  The only possible explanation for these is often that God was involved.  Nothing else seems to explain them!


Here’s Margi’s story:

“I got a call earlier from a woman named Nancy, who was looking for a shower bed with mesh for her son Ricky who is 49 years old and has been handicapped since birth, but just recently had a stroke.  They had a shower chair, but Ricky has now lost control of lifting his head and needs something for the shower that reclined or would lay flat.  One of Ricky’s favorite things is getting a shower.

I told Nancy we occasionally get the chairs that don’t recline, but I haven’t seen one for a while and proceeded to tell her of our “God moments” and that just maybe, something would come in to help her son.

I talked with her for another 15 minutes or so and was helping her look online.  We found some places that carried them, but they are very costly and she said she would check into the website with her husband’s help.  When I hung up I thought I should just go back into the warehouse and look and through some boxes.

I could see a mesh shower chair and as I rounded the corner I said “Please Lord, make it one that reclines for her son”.  Not only did it recline, but it had different positions and could lay completely flat.  This was truly a wonderful “God Moment” and within hours she came to pick it up, along with other items.  Not only did I make her day but she also made my day to be able to help her husband and her and Ricky in making things easier for them.”


These are the kinds of things that happen often at Mission Central.  We have a God Moments section on our website with some favorite examples.  If you’ve experienced a God Moment while involved with Mission Central, please let us know…we’d love to share your story.

Last week’s MissionLink told about our free medical equipment that’s available to anyone and this week, we have a perfect example of how Mission Central is able to connect God’s resources with human need.  Someone had that unused shower bed.  Instead of throwing it away, they were led to donate it and picked Mission Central.  Nancy’s family was then able to benefit directly from that generosity.

Working together, we can accomplish great things!

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