Complete Devotional Series Now Available: MissionLink June 30, 2016

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As you may know, Mission Central ran a 52-week Devotional Series each Wednesday from June 2015, until June 2016.  These devotions began with Bishop Neil Irons’ story of how he conceived the idea of Mission Central and ended with current Executive Director, Rob Visscher’s thoughts on the future of Mission Central.


In between, are wonderful stories from the original visioning team that worked to open Mission Central’s doors, volunteers who keep Mission Central going and staff members who see “God Moments” each day.

There are stories from Mission Central’s HUB system…stories that show the creativity and dedication that seem to run through everyone involved.  You’ll see how they’ve reached out in their communities, touching countless lives and inspiring many.

These have all been put together in a digital book in .pdf format on a USB drive.  In addition to the Devotions, the book includes a weekly Advent Liturgy for both adults and children, Lenten Liturgies with week-by-week lessons coordinated with the Devotions and finally, The Great 50 Days – Service to Others, an educational resource for both children and youth.  Any individual page can be printed, added to a Powerpoint slide, etc.

These can be put to use year after year for church services, bible studies, youth events, personal reflection and for countless other purposes.

The USB drive also contains The Mission Central “Unfolding Story” video.  This is broken down into 3 smaller parts and also as a complete piece that tells the story of Mission Central with interviews from Bishop Irons, the Executive Directors and people who have been directly affected by Mission Central.

The USB drives are available for a suggested $5 donation, however, other amounts are gladly accepted.  These work on both PC’s and Mac computers and there is plenty of room on the drives for your own files.

If you would like to share with us how you’ve used the materials, we’d love to tell your story in one of our MissionLinks!


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