Ugandan Kids Choir Visits Mechanicsburg: MissionLink May 26, 2016



This past weekend, the Ugandan Kids Choir performed at Aldersgate UMC in Mechanicsburg.  The Ugandan Kids Choir is part of Childcare Worldwide, which is a Christian child sponsorship ministry dedicated to improving lives and building a future for poor children around the world.




The Ugandan Kids Choir is made up of 10 sponsored children, 5 girls and 5 boys, who come from some of the poorest parts of Uganda.  The children are chosen for their enthusiasm, ability and dedication.  These are all characteristics that will make them potential leaders when they return home.

The children range in age from 7-12.  Along with 4 chaperones, they travel the United States for 11 months as ambassadors of the program, raising awareness in the hopes of gathering more sponsorships for other children.  They bring a message of hope, showing that great things can be done with your help, and share the message of God’s love through traditional music and dance.  Their high energy performances and infectious joy delight audiences wherever they go.

Information about booking the choir is available here

Expectations on the host church or group:

  • Provide a fee of $200 for each performance
  • Take a “love offering” for the choir
  • Provide host homes for the children while they stay at your church
  • Provide a room at the church where the children can do homework, rehearse and prepare for the performance

Hosting, meeting and seeing these amazing children perform and spread the word of God can be a life changing experience.  Consider becoming a sponsor and changing a child’s life!

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