Remember Amazon Smile when Shopping for Mother’s Day: MissionLink April 19, 2016

13amazonsmileWe hope you’ve been using Amazon Smile when doing your online shopping, as a portion of each purchase goes back to Mission Central.

We first notified everyone of this additional way to support Mission Central several months ago and want to remind you that it’s not just a Christmas-time or Holiday Season way to help support us.  Amazon Smile is an “every-day” way to give back to Mission Central, just by using Amazon as you do now, but with one different step.

Instead of logging on to to shop, go to  You’ll log into the SAME account you always use…nothing will be different…except for one small thing.  The first time you use this, designate Mission Central as the organization you support and from then on, a portion of each purchase you make gets donated back to Mission Central.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, you’ll like have some purchases to make…remember Mission Central as well and use Amazon Smile!

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