Prayer Walk of Love Held at MC: MissionLink March 10, 2016

Mission Central’s “Prayer Walk of Love”

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9 “Prayer Warriors” gathered on a bitterly cold February morning at St. John’s UMC in Grantville – the home of the Grantville Area Ministry HUB, Harrisburg District.  They gathered in the sanctuary for devotions and to focus attention on Mission Central by watching the video Mission Central – The Unfolding Story.


Folks then moved to stations representing the various ministries of Mission Central and laid hands on representative items from New Digs, Project C.U.R.E. and Bethesda Mission and offered prayers. The group crossed the street to the HUB where the HUB workspace is for UMCOR kits, their storage of yard sale items – their means of support for the HUB and Mission Central, and where a local AA group is given meeting space.

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On that same bitterly cold afternoon, a group of 8 gathered with Bishop Irons for a prayer walk at Mission Central.
In the workroom, they laid hands on UMCOR kits and Mission Central kits for outreach ministry before moving to the warehouse where prayers were offered for the Diaper Bank Ministry and the UMCOR Cleaning Buckets.

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The group moved through the warehouse offering hand-on prayers for the Computer Ministry, Bethesda Mission’s Food Ministry and New Digs.  Prayers were offered along with the God Moment stories of how God is working through HIS sacred space of Mission Central and the HUBs.  Bishop Irons reflected on how Jesus’ Ministry was the blueprint for the work of Mission Central as we strive to do as He did – feed the hungry, heal the sick, give sight to the blind, clothe the needy, give hope to the downtrodden and share God’s love with the least, the lost and the found.

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In addition, there were sets of footprints around the Mission Central warehouse as prayers were offered for the building and its ministries, finances, for the MC truck and the Peace Pole…that it all might be a symbol that this is God’s sacred space and is designed to be a beacon of hope for all.

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Mission Central

Operations Report, February 2016

The month of February saw a lot of activity at Mission Central as you will see in the following reporting numbers:

  • Total Mission Central Volunteers: 517
  • Total Mission Central Volunteer Hours: 1,762
  • In-House Partners Product: $ 268,527                                  People Assisted: 102,725
  • Mission Central Product (Cap. Region): $ 76,792                People Assisted: 26,458
  • Mission Central Product (Rest of PA): $ 13,899                   People Assisted:3,124
  • Mission Central Product (Nationally): $ 0                             People Assisted: 0
  • Mission Central Product (Internationally): $4,888             People Assisted: 400


Thank you for your continued support of Mission Central and all of our partners!

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