LVC Students Unite For A Day of Service: MissionLink February 11, 2016



Recently, the Field and Track Team at Lebanon Valley College wanted to do a team building activity to start their spring term.  They wanted a project that would involve the whole team of 80 members, be close to campus, keep everyone at the same location and be community service related.



Chaplain Paul Fullmer of the college contacted the Mission Central Northwest District HUB at Cleona and asked if they could fill these requirements.  As a small HUB at Immanuel United Methodist Church, it seemed like too large a job, but with encouragement from the Chaplain and staff at LVC and the staff at Mission Central, the HUB accepted the challenge.



Area agencies were contacted to see if they had jobs and projects to be completed.  Mission Central brought a truck load of supplies and the day of service was celebrated on Thursday, January 14, 2016.





Students began by unloading supplies they brought from the college and unloading 6 pallets of materials that Mission Central delivered.  In short order, they were all busy at 11 work stations around the church!





By the end of the 3 ½ hour session, a tremendous amount of work had been completed with a variety of donations from Mission Central, Immanuel UMC, Lebanon Valley College and the American Foundation for Children with Aids, using the guidance of 8 volunteers from the HUB that afternoon.


Projects completed included:

  • 65 handmade greeting cards and notes to accompany Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes
  • 100 handmade cards for patients at the local VA hospital
    • Greeting cards were made from donations from Immanuel UMC
  • 12” and 4 “ ball of plarn for making mats for homeless
    • Plarn is plastic yarn made from cutting plastic grocery shopping bags into strips
    • The plarn will be knitted and crocheted into mats to be used by the homeless and in shelters
    • This project is sponsored by the West Virginia Community Educational Outreach Service
  • 118 Warm Hearts and Hands Kits
    • Supplies came from Mission Central
    • Each Warm Hearts and Hands kit includes a blanket with gloves, a scarf, a hat, and sweater or sweatshirt wrapped inside, then tied with a necktie.
  • 388 Hygiene kits
    • Supplies came from Mission Central
    • These are health kits made from non-standard items collected at Mission Central
  • 720 pieces of plastic for Birthing Kits
    • These will be used in assembling Birthing Kits at the HUB
  • Inventoried and sorted materials for at least 30 Bible School programs
    • These were Mission Central supplies that were unorganized.
  • Arranged Valentine items from Giant for display
    • This display is at Immanuel for the use of the community
    • Proceeds from donations are returned to Mission Central
  • 40 Quarts of chicken vegetable soup for Lebanon Christian Ministries
    • All soup ingredients were donated by Immanuel UMC
    • The soup will be used for a Free Noon Meal in the community
  • 20 Reams of paper cut to size
    • For use at Immanuel
  • Cut School Kit bags
    • Bags will be sewed at a later date for School Kits
  • Sewed School Kit bags
    • These were bags previously cut and then assembled that day
  • 122 Blankets cut for Birthing Kits and Layette Kits
    • These blankets were cut from flannel bolts
    • The blankets will be used in Layette Kits and Birthing Kits
  • Washed and dried two large cases of pill bottles
    • This project was supplied by the American Foundation for Children with Aids
    • These bottles will be shipped to Zimbabwe for use by medical volunteers

The day was a blessing to all who participated and HUB volunteers expressed praise and appreciation for the spirit, willingness and generosity of all the Field and Track Team members who were part of it.

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