Equipment for the Visually Impaired Now Available & Updates: MissionLink January 21, 2016

Lamp & MonitorMission Central has received an amazing and very unique donation!  Equipment for the visually impaired is available to anyone who has the need.

We have been given the following items:





  • Merlin LCD for Enhanced Vision (Auto-Focus Video Magnifier System)
  • Talking Calculator
  • Talking Tape Measure
  • Handheld lighted magnifier
  • White cane
  • Headband magnifier
  • High-powered desk lamp








The previous owner received treatment that improved his vision to the point that he no longer needed this equipment.  Alleluia!!


Annual Conference 2015 NEJ Bishops' 6.16.15 016 B Annual Conference 2015 NEJ Bishops' 6.16.15 010 B

We also want to provide an update to a big project that took place last summer.  Many of you participated in the Great Shoe Donation by donating shoes and by volunteering to sort and pack shoes.  These shoes went to micro-businesses around the world and will help put countless people to work.

We are thrilled to announce that Mission Central has already processed and shipped 27,700 pairs of shoes and has 5,500 pairs being prepped for shipment, for a total of 33,200 pairs of shoes!  As a result, Mission Central has received just over $11,300 in processing fees!!

It is hard to express just how grateful we are to the donors from across our Conference, the Mission Central HUB system and all of the volunteer shoe processors…we can’t thank you enough!!


Finally, here is December’s Operations Report by the numbers:

286:  Total Mission Central Volunteers

1,022:  Total Volunteer Hours (over 3.5 hours per volunteer!)

$389,110:  In-house Partners Product, helping 110,702 people

$74,944:  Mission Central Product (Capital Region), helping 19,057 people

$51,041:  Mission Central Product (rest of PA), helping 8,501 people

$57,075:  Mission Central Product (Nationally), helping 11,385 people

$8,508:  Mission Central Product (Internationally), helping 8,040 people

Thank you for your continued support of Mission Central and of all of our partners!

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